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3 Ways to Use Social Media in the Insurance Claims Business


By Cindy Morris, Industry Consultant

social relationship management

Insurance claims adjustors are constantly adding new technology to become better at what they do, but at the end of the day, it’s a people business. Knowing how people communicate is important, and today, that means being familiar with social media. I want to tell you about three ways that social media can be helpful in the insurance claims business: claims submissions, customer service and fraud detection.

1) Accept claims from social media

When storms knock out power and phone lines, victims hold their smart phones close. In these times, social media becomes far more than a fun distraction – it is an important link to the world. Insurance companies need to be prepared to accept claims that come in through social media. It could be a post to a Facebook page, or an image sent via Twitter. And it’s not just happening during storms -- even drivers involved in fender benders may find it easiest to submit a picture of the accident through social media. The most prepared insurers will be able to accept these claims, and easily import them into a CRM case to start the claims review process.

2) Catch claims complaints via social media

Social media can be just as important after the claim is filed. Previously, customers who were unhappy with how their claim was handled would just tell friends and family. Now, with social media, they can broadcast their displeasure to thousands of Facebook and Twitter followers, and cause real PR problems for insurers. A social media monitoring tool can catch these complaints quickly and give the insurance company a chance to respond before they go viral.

3) Investigate suspicious claims with social media

And when a claim is suspicious, a good social media monitoring tool can help adjusters take a closer look. It may be surprising, for example, to see when someone claiming an injury appears in an online post playing basketball. Astute SRM, our social relationship management tool, can search millions of social media posts, including Twitter, Facebook, blogs and many other platforms, and help to find information that could aid claims investigations.

As customer-responsive businesses, insurance providers need to be ready to communicate with their customers on any of the multiplying number of communication channels. Social media monitoring can be a valuable way to listen when their customers are talking.


Nowadays, social media plays a vital role. You can do a lot on social media. Just like the ones discussed in this post when making an insurance claim or making complaints when making an insurance claim. It could also be a way to receive customer feedback.
Posted @ Tuesday, September 10, 2013 5:41 AM by Leora H. Chase
These insurance companies don't want anything to go viral so social media is an important factor.
Posted @ Monday, October 07, 2013 2:40 PM by Boonswang Law
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