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TLC + KPI = ROI: The Contact Center Formula


Written by Susan Sever

ROI Contact Center


What is the cost of doing business and how can you measure it within your own organization?

Some may say that it starts with your brand or product, while others may argue that it begins with the customer.  But who is selling and supporting your brand or product to your customers?  That person is who needs to be empowered and engaged.  They need to be measured to be sure that the customer is getting the answers to their questions and issues addressed in a timely manner as well as have the correct information and knowledge at hand to relay, so that your consumers can become brand advocates and therefore an extension of your organization. 

But how do you measure this? 

Which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) does your organization use to be sure your company representatives are engaging the consumer and keeping them happy and loyal? 

What to measure may be dependent upon your organization, industry and the customer.  To start, it should be a 2 prong measurement. 

First, the internal: policy, procedure and process.  The agent can be measured on regulatory and consumer complaints.  Tracking consumer complaints are a must in some industries such as insurance.  Of course regulatory and state by state regulations need to be compliant when audits are run.  Other procedural and process items to look at are those such as escalation of calls, average handling time, attendance, performance and responsibility. 

The second prong is the external: Customer Satisfaction.  Consumer complaints fall into this category as well.  Other attributes in this area are customer experience, quality, accountability and responsibility. 

How do we measure them?  Merging these two metrics and then weighing the results so that agents can review, evaluate and make appropriate adjustments will aid in the performance gauge.  Success has also been realized when performance is measured on attributes and skill rather than a number or score.  By taking away the “score” the agents will truly need to and want to review the evaluation to see what needs improvement and what is working.  If there is only a number to review, they simply confirm that it is a passing grade and move on from there. 

So how do you get your agents on board and excited about following and succeeding these metrics? It really is quite simple…empowerment, communication, reward, recognition and passion. 

Empowered agents will increase customer satisfaction

If they have the tools and the knowledge they need, they will be more apt to know what the customers are looking for and what they need and want.  When they offer the correct information and there is no need to escalate or put the call on hold to find the answer, the customer is satisfied and the agent is ready to take on more calls like that one. 

In order to stay on the same page as your agents with these expectations, regular communication is key. 

Offer support by way of one-on-one coaching, pairing seasoned reps with new reps to learn from each other and other mentoring programs.  Communication is effective not only when it comes from their direct supervisor, but from a team lead, another team supervisor or even a quality analyst within the organization.  When your agents are doing well, reward their performance.  Be sure to reward not just at the regular monthly meetings but also have a little spontaneous recognition, then they will always be on the ball, excited to see what can happen next! 

When these factors are surrounding you and your agents, it will create a passion, a drive, to want to enhance the customer experience, improve the company’s bottom line and to succeed over all. 

So perhaps the formula shouldn’t be TLC + KPI = ROI rather it should be:

Empowerment + Communication + Reward + Recognition = Passion

Passion = ROI


Susan SeverSusan Sever works as a Business Development Specialist at Astute Solutions. She is passionate about customer experience strategy, knowledge management and optimizing business processes. Find her on twitter here.


Great post, Susan!
Posted @ Wednesday, December 07, 2011 11:43 AM by Morgan
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