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There's a Hipster Hiding in You!


By Marc Rigby, Configuration Specialist III, Astute Solutions

social media


You’ve heard of Social Media. Now what? Isn’t it so tweens can know what Justin Bieber ate for lunch and twenty-somethings can lose their jobs over Vegas pictures? Well, yes it is for those things, but you can use it too. At work.

Just because you’re not outwardly wearing skinny jeans (or chinos), plastic-black-framed-lensless glasses, and quoting obscure lyrics by no-name indie rock bands, doesn’t mean you can’t be a social success. Just as being a hipster involves many imperative and distinct layers, so does being a social media success. So where is the base of these trendy (vintage) layers?




Hipstellectuals have comebacks, insight or philosophical thoughts on most every topic you throw their way. How is this possible? Is their brain connected to a real-time RSS feed? No. They do however know how to access relevant information and quickly. A capability you will need to become savvy on the social scene.

There are millions upon millions of conversations happening on hundreds of social media sites. So how do you utilize this mass of information? The same way a hipster finds that no-name indie band, you implement a tool to assist in finding what is relevant to your business (or music preference). SRM tools now have the capabilities to monitor these mass amounts of data and capture the relevant conversations regarding your brand, business, and products by use of proprietary crawlers.

Once these pertinent conversations are audible, it’s time get specific.


Being the first in the know is only part of your journey in becoming a social media hipster. Breaking down this data by relevancy and sentiment will be crucial in routing each potential case to the right department and person in a timely manner. Such is the dilemma of a hipstercore when searching for the next great undiscovered band. While many generic people will go the simple route of listening to the radio or use to find music, a hipstercore will use a more selective tool to seek, find and like bands before anyone else detects the talent or existence of said band. Impressive.

Who doesn’t like to be ahead of the competition?

Take for example. This site allows music listeners (including hipsters) to search for music by song, artist, or genre much like an SRM system will allow you break down social conversations by business, brand, or product. And in more advanced systems it will sort conversations by sentiment using NLP (Natural Language Processor) to determine meaning and context.

NLP is to businesses what is to a hipster. A tool with NLP gives you the capability to listen and analyze at a much keener caliber. Its ever-evolving capacity to capture sentence context and sentiment allows businesses to route cases to the right department and engage customers with relevant responses in perfect timing.


Timing is huge in the socially-hip world, but delivery and message are apropos.

Like a true hipster you will want to respond intelligently, with wit and with passion. Be sure to address any issue with empathy, caring, and some sort of resolve (an apology, solution, or act to make it up to the customer). Pay particular attention to social influencers as they can help or harm your WOM marketing (Word of Mouth Marketing). If you’re responding to a compliment, include a thank you. And, no matter the matter at hand, be sure to respond! A hipster never walks away without adding their two cents.

So What?

Why does any of this matter? Sales are driven by social media. The masses trust each other before they trust you, hipster. Open-handed conversations and honest social relationships will be your saving grace when it comes to winning over your customer’s trust and business. A Social Relationship Management tool is imperative to your social efforts.

Key features to look for when investing in a SRM tool include:

• Reach of Proprietary Crawlers
• Use of NLP Instead of Keyword Searches
• Social Profiling
• Social History
• Brand Analysis and Competitive Comparisons
• Influencer Analysis
• Workflow Automation and Escalations
• Leverage Notifications and Escalations

Choosing the right tool to help you break through the layers of social conversations in order to find and participate in the relevant conversations happening around and about your business, brand, and products.

Social Media Hipstars

Once you have you have chosen your SRM tool, you will be enabled to go out into the social world and be the Hipstar you were always meant to be!

How do you release your inner-hipster?



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