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Has the World Gone Mad?


social media management


Of course they have - for social media, that is!

All over the world, social media users are growing at an exponential rate. In fact, the number of monthly-active social media users has recently risen to over 1 billion on Facebook alone. Put another way, right around 15% of the world’s population uses one social media platform at least once per month - and this number excludes the hundreds of other platforms that are currently in use.

Due to its widespread use, social media has gone the way of radio, television, and the rest of the Internet: it has become another mode of communication for businesses of all types. Business to consumer organizations have an obvious place in the social realm as they’re there to market to the consumers who make purchases everyday.

However, did you know that even business to business organizations utilize social media? In fact, 87% of B2B content marketers utilize some form of social media other than their blogs while 49% of B2B marketers rate social media as having been effective or very effective in their efforts! This indicates that even B2B organizations can see benefits from utilizing social media on a regular basis - after all, the decision makers within organizations are likely to utilize social media as one of the more than one billion active users.

So what?

The expansion of marketing into the social media realm means three things: an influx of companies using social media marketing, an audience of increasingly ad-desensitized consumers, and thus more creative & engaging social media campaigns.

Due to the relative ease with which companies can utilize social media for marketing purposes, it’s clear that nearly all businesses will continue to ramp up social media use. Similarly to social media’s predecessors (tv and radio), target audiences may become numb to messaging after being subjected to hundreds or thousands of similar messages and tactics.

When the status quo becomes stale, innovation tends to greatly reward risk takers. Social media users should begin to look forward to exciting new marketing campaigns that will almost certainly encourage engagement or interactions in order to gain attention in a staid atmosphere. One example of this is Verizon’s advertisements on Youtube - viewers have the ability to select which advertisements they’d like to hear instead of passively watching whatever is forced upon them.

This type of interaction between advertiser and recipient creates data that can be used by companies to better develop targeted marketing strategies - increasing prospect response rates, satisfaction, and marketing ROI.

How will you adapt?

One thing is certain: companies that do not create unique initiatives will begin to see plateaus or decreases in their social media marketing campaigns.

The team at Astute Solutions has accepted the challenge of this changing online environment - and we’re eager to begin interacting with you!

We’ve joined the Social Madness competition (via Business Journals) to push our team members to engage with our audience in new and exciting ways. We’re almost at the end of our first round - help us make it to the next bracket by voting here (medium category) or shout us out on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or Google+ to let us know what you think!


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