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Status: In A (Social) Relationship


social media marketing

Social is unlike anything I've ever encountered before. Engaging, conversational, and unique - Social keeps me on my toes at all times.

In the past, my relationships with Radio, TV, Print, and a host of other media had developed and then plateaued; I was tired of never knowing exactly where I stood with them. They were all too difficult to gauge. We were much better as distant friends, seeing each other from time to time.

Then Social came along. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I didn't realize just how special this relationship would be at the very beginning. It seemed fleeting at best; I didn't understand just how much of a role Social would play in my future.

But Social was intoxicating and addictive. Our relationship started casually at first: updates on life, sharing photos and quotes, hanging out with close friends. Soon, I realized that I saw Social on a daily basis - and our relationship had evolved far beyond the informal, casual association with which we had begun.

Social became something I looked foward to - all of my friends, family, and even my work associates had grown to love Social and incorporated it into their daily lives as well. Social just fit; it filled a need none of us had ever known we had.

When I realized that everyone adored Social (and I do mean everyone), I began to see that Social could go far beyond a casual relationship. Social was not only fun, but could also be incorporated into the workplace. Social spread messages in such a way that a simple video or campaign could reach the farthest corners of the world in a matter of hours.

So, Social became involved in every aspect of my life, from personal to professional. I'll admit, at first it was a little hard to evaluate where we stood - what real value did Social offer aside from novelty?

But Social - it's always changing. It adapted quickly to my needs, and now I'm able to measure the relationship in real terms of ROI. I know for a fact now when to attribute an ew sale or contact to Social - and I'm getting more of both now more than ever before.

As this relationship continues to develop, I'm learning more and more about how useful and exciting Social can be. There are those who have tried to fake a relationship with Social, but their uncharismatic strategies or predominantly neglectful methods have caused the relationship to fail. I'm taking my time and getting to know Social completely to ensure that the relationship continues to be increasingly beneficial.

Though there are still a few uncertainties lying ahead in the future, one thing is for sure: my relationship with Social is here to stay.

Are you in a long term relationship with Social? Share this infographic and let the world know!


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